CAFE Flutes (Central Arizona Flute Ensemble)


CAFE Flutes (Central Arizona Flute Ensemble) is a 7-member flute choir that plays instruments ranging from the piccolo to the rare 10-foot long contrabass flute. We perform popular songs and familiar melodies in a wide range of styles: pop, classical, jazz, folk, patriotic, oldies, and show tunes. Audiences of all ages sing, clap, hum, and sway to our unique harmonic textures. Listeners leave the concert being able to recognize the distinct tones of the each member of the flute family. Our interesting and quirky introductions to each piece along with our Q&A session make CAFE concerts relaxed and conversational. One audience member commented, ”Who needs an orchestra when you can enjoy the CAFE flute choir? This is so amazing. I came here thinking, ‘uh….I’ll listen to a few flutes.’ Little did I know how interesting and amazing this performance would be!” We satisfy all musical tastes while actively involving audiences in music making!

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CAFE musicians surprise and enthrall audiences by producing a broad spectrum of textures in a wide range of musical styles. Playing instruments that range from the traditional piccolo to the rare 10-foot long contrabass flute, they offer concerts that le

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We require 7 armless chairs and a cordless mic. That’s all! The best times for us to schedule are weekday evenings and weekends.

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MCLD – Southeast Regional Library – Mesa | Jane Gresham, | 602-652-3235, MCLD – Fairfield Branch Library | Janelle Breedveld | 602-651-2022

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Leslie Etzel


9824 E. Posada Av
Mesa 85212

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