Imagine Yourself Juggling!


"This program includes a short performance targeted to either teens, adults, seniors, or a family audience followed by a fun juggling workshop. Studies show that juggling increases both gray and white matter in the brain, increases focus, reduces anxiety, and that it's a great way to show off! Most importantly, it really is easier then you think! Equipment is provided. 75 minute program. This Program can be presented for the following ages/size groups: - Teen Program: Ages 10 and up, up to 40 participants (ball juggling) - Intergenerational/Family Program: Ages 6 and up, up to 40 participants (scarf juggling) - Adult Program: up to 40 participants (ball juggling) - Senior Program: up to 40 participants (scarf or ball juggling)" [embed][/embed]

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James Reid

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1525 E Cheryl Dr #2152



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10 +

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Library References

[{“Library\/School”:”White Tank Branch – MCLD”,”Contact Person”:”Hanna Bozhko”,”Contact Work Phone”:”(602) 651-2211″}]

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Special Notes

I’ve worked with Arizona Libraries for the past 16 years, performing at over 125 different Libraries.

Oro Valley Library | Betty Corr | ‭(520) 594-5580

Peoria Main Branch | Dawn Marie Schmidt | (623) 773-7578

Prescott Public Library | Jennifer Kendall | (928) 777-1506

White Tank Branch | Hanna Bozhko | (602) 651-2211

Many more references available.

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