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Former World Teen Magic Champion Eric Giliam's magic variety show is receiving rave reviews! He performs a dazzling spectacle of magic, illusions, sleight of hand, and special effects in his high energy show which also includes music, comedy and audience participation. Wait til you see the new magic acts this year! The top rated, all ages presentation includes magic routines not seen in any other show and will show the audience that not everything see can be explained. [embed][/embed]

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50 minute, all ages, top rated, magic variety show performed by former World Teen Magic Champion Eric Giliam.

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Library References: Phoenix Libraries | Wendy Resnik | 602-534-2021 White Tank Branch Library | Hanna Bozhko | 602-651-2211 Chandler Downtown Library | Jennifer Whitt | 480-782-2800

“Eric’s show is self contained, he brings his own sound system and backdrop curtains. All he needs is a cleared area and an outlet!
Travels anywhere in the state of Arizona.”

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