Talewise “Pirates: Lost at Sea”


A 45-minute science and storytelling show! Your performer will act out an engaging story about two kids who help a shipwrecked pirate crew avoid mutiny and escape a deserted island. At certain points in the story the performer will pause and say, "I need a volunteer!" They will then choose volunteers from the audience to help do a fun and educational science demonstration related to the action in the story. There are 5 science demonstrations covering clouds, combustion, air pressure, and wind, and anywhere from 12-20 audience volunteers. The show is very interactive for everyone - the whole audience will get involved in the story by creating sound effects and movement in key scenes, and the performer will move through the audience during the show, ensuring that everyone has a chance to have a "front row" seat to the action!

Additional Information

Contact Person

Kelly Keegan

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PO Box 6741
Hillsborough, NJ





Program Type

Virtual or in-person. A one-person show that combines engaging storytelling with fun and educational science demonstrations.

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Library References

Name: Hillary DeVincenzo
Position: Youth Services Librarian
Organization: Lee Memorial Library (Allendale, NJ)
Phone: (201) 327-4338
Email: hillary.devincenzo@allendale.bccls.org

Name: Amanda Ort
Position: Youth Services Director
Organization: Washington Township Public Library (Long Valley, NJ)
Phone: 908-876-3596 x1110
Email: amanda.ort@wtpl.org

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Virtual Performance Description

The virtual presentation is as close to the in-person show as we can get! The performer acts out the story and does the science demonstrations live on camera, and interacts with the audience throughout the show. We can host on our Zoom account or use the platform of your choice.

Viewing Limits/Parameters

If hosted on our Zoom account, participation is limited to 100 attendees. If the library hosts, you can set your own viewing limits. We ask that you make the performer a host or cohost of the meeting, that you disable file transfer, whiteboard and annotation, and that you set screen share to host only.

Virtual Performance Fee


Special Notes

We are available to travel to locations within 100 miles driving distance of Phoenix.

We ask that you provide two tables, a trash can, an electrical outlet, and access to a sink during setup and breakdown (the sink does not need to be in the performance space). The performer will bring their own sound system. Indoor spaces are preferred but we can perform outside with advance notice.

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