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“Wildlife comedian “Wildman Phil” Rakoci’s unique brand of comedy has been enjoyed by tens of thousands of people annually as Phil takes his ‘pets’ on the road across the U.S. to entertain and educate audiences of all ages. He co-starred in episodes of The Discovery Channel’s Emmy award-winning series “Breaking Trail” and “Coyote’s Backyard” while working closely with the infamous YouTube sensation Coyote Peterson and his Brave Wilderness channel. He and his animals have appeared in Ghost Adventures, The Conan show with Conan O’Brien, and numerous other TV shows around the world.

Laugh along with his stories and antics while he highlights the unique characteristics of various wildlife, their homes, and the ways the lives of these vastly different animals are interwoven, creating a community where each has a purpose and a place. This highly entertaining, yet informative presentation combines hands-on demonstrations with lessons featuring :
* Respect for wildlife and the environment.
* Animal defenses and their roles.
* Ways to identify dangerous creatures and harmless animals.
* Separation of fact and fiction in the world of spiders, turtles, lizards, snakes, and other such creatures.
* Life cycles and the web of life.

Be sure to stick around after the performance to touch and photograph the amazing stars of the show such as Buford the armadillo, Scooter the hedgehog, Stumpy the tortoise, and Amos the alligator.”

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Wildman Phil presents a world-class, entertaining, yet highly educational show that is enjoyed by all age groups, using live animals from numerous environments. These shows can be utilized as educational presentations or entertaining comedy acts.

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Fully permitted and insured. Registered vendor with many school districts and library districts. W-9, AZGF permits, & insurance paperwork available upon request.

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