Michael Albert / Modern Pop Art Experience

Meet American Pop Artist Michael Albert, Learn About his Art & Story, Create Your Own Collage Using the same materials he uses to create his serious artworks & receive a free signed print for attending.

Broadway on a Budget

Theater enthusiast Brian Stoll will discuss all things Broadway beginning with an update on the current state of Broadway since COVID. He will also share the history and importance of the Broadway Playbill as well as money-saving tips on how to see B

Wildman Phil’s Live Animal Show

Join us for an exciting live animal demonstration highlighting various wildlife, their homes, and the ways the lives of these vastly different animals are interwoven, creating a community where each has a purpose and a place.

Wildman Phil presents “Isn’t That WILD!?” VIRTUAL SHOW

The professionally produced virtual version of Wildman Phil’s “Isn’t That WILD!?” show includes some of the amazing creatures that aren’t available to interact with closely at live shows; things like scorpion, rattlesnake, and porcupine.

Virtual Caricature Drawing Workshop

Check out the only caricature drawing workshop taught by a puppet! Oliver will take the participants step by step through drawing several different caricatures of well known characters that all tie into the CSLP Tails & Tales theme.

The Ocean Adventure

Bring the excitment, beauty and wonder of marine science into your school with the real-life adventures of ocean explorers, Wayne and Karen Brown.

The Story Ship

Pirate Goodie has found a treasure chest with unlimited riches. Can you help him unravel the mystery to open his riches. With Interactive animation, comedy theater, magic and music.

Virtual 2D Animation Workshop

Learn to animate using free, open source animation software. Participants will learn to create several different animations in the 2D traditional style of animation.

Talewise “Pirates: Lost at Sea”

Set sail with us on a thrilling adventure about a crew of quirky pirates marooned on a desert island. Throughout the story, volunteers from the audience will help us explore the incredible science behind clouds, combustion, air pressure and more!