Magical Michael Steele Variety Show

The Magical Michael Steele Variety Show is a highly engaging and interactive performance of magic, yo-yo tricks, juggling, and music. His rapport with audiences of all ages is second to none.

Tales About Tails With Cowgirl Jan!!

In this great NEW show, “Cowgirl Jan” uses great stories, puppets, magic and songs to show kids the wonderful Critters of the Desert and how they use their tails!!! Fun AND educational!

Taiko Tales

Big drums, little drums! Strange instruments from the other side of the world! Join Eileen Morgan as we discover how these instruments are played, what makes them work and how we can recreated these sounds on our own! Great for live or virtual shows!

Talewise “Aliens Escape from Earth”

Join us on our intergalactic out-of-this-world space adventure story, featuring awesome science experiments about inertia, pressure, density, chemical changes, energy and more!

Jungle Jill’s Animal Encounters

Jungle Jill brings live, exotic and domestic animals to you, up close and interactive for an unforgettable experience! See birds AND reptiles of all different kinds from all over the world!

Didgeridoo Down Under: Amazing Virtual Programs!

Since 2004, we’ve presented 8,000+ programs at libraries, schools and other venues nationwide. We offer an assortment of immersive and captivating virtual programs (videos and live streaming events) for kids, tweens, teens, and adults.

Juggling and More FUN! – Outdoors

Delighting audiences for over thirty years, James Reid presents a performance of big tricks, laughs, and fun for all ages. Including unique tricks seen nowhere else with dangerous bowling ball and sports juggling! Safely distanced fun for all!

Dinosaurs Rock and other Science Fun – Virtual Shows!

Join a DINOSAURS ROCK expert for a fun and educational Jurassic journey—complete with museum-quality, life-size and genuine specimens as the backdrop to exploring the world of dinosaurs and fossils. OCEANS, GEMS, INSECTS & SPACE & ROCKETRY too!