Science Matters Presents “Reaction Action”

Science Matters has incorporated some of our very favorite demonstrations and experiments, but we will need your help to pull off a great program! If you are a fan of chemical reactions, this is the show for you!

African Music and Arts Village

This interactive, high-energy performance takes you on a journey back into the heart of ancient Africa through music and story. Experience playing music on traditional African instruments. Hear an authentic Zulu folktale! Be prepared to have FUN!

The Magic and Illusions of Eric Giliam

Former World Teen Magic Champion’s variety show is receiving rave reviews! Eric performs a dazzling spectacle of magic, illusions, and sleight of hand in his high energy show which includes music, comedy, and audience participation.

Create with The Junk Lady

Teaching Artist Shari Keith, who calls herself The Junk Lady, presents hands-on workshops where participants of all ages use found and discarded objects in non-traditional ways to create art.

Juggle Together Now!

Learn to Juggle and enjoy a fun performance. Studies show that juggling increases both gray and white matter in the brain, and that it’s a great way to show off! Most importantly, it really is easier than you think.

Acting Shakespeare Workshop

400 years later and people still quote him everyday. Dost thou doubt? Hither to the Library with Arizona Curriculum Theater to discover what a Shakespearean Actor learns as they speak the speech.

Henna Body Art Workshop

Lets Learn all about Henna Body Art. This program is about 2-hours, and includes a presentation on the history of henna body art, live demonstration, and a complimentary small henna body art for each guest (up to 25).

PoeFest Poetry and Stories

7th-9th Graders, join Arizona Curriculum Theater in catacombs of the PoeFest Student Writing Contest. Prepare to write your own short story and/or poem, though which would win? We’re chilled with anticipation.

Paint the pARTy

Art Classes to Build up Your Skills & Inner Talents. I make it easy for you to create amazing works of art.