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Step into a world of musical enchantment with the Central Arizona Flute Ensemble (CAFE). Comprising seven dedicated musicians, CAFE is on a mission to enrich, enlighten, and inspire central Arizona residents through their interactive concerts and educational programs. At a CAFE concert, prepare to be surprised and enthralled as the ensemble showcases the full range of instruments in the flute family, from the rare 10-foot long contrabass flute to the delicate piccolo. Their repertoire spans a diverse array of musical styles, including show tunes, classical masterpieces, timeless oldies, soulful folk melodies, rhythmic dance tunes, smooth jazz standards, patriotic anthems, and seasonal selections.

What sets CAFE apart is their ability to connect with audiences in a relaxed yet professional manner. Beyond the enchanting melodies, CAFE Flutes now invite their listeners to touch, feel, and intimately explore the inner workings of both the C-flute and the 10-inch piccolo by sending demonstration instruments into the audience for close examination!

At the core of CAFE Flutes' mission is their commitment to delivering superb performances of music from the flute choir repertoire. With an instrument lineup that includes everything from the rare and impressive contrabass flute to the delicate piccolo, CAFE Flutes showcases the full range of instruments in the flute family. Some audience members arrive to a CAFE concert expecting to hear a group of musicians playing C flutes (the most common type). They are surprised and delighted to be introduced to the 10-foot long contrabass, bass, alto, and piccolo. By the time they leave, they know not only how those instruments look, but also how each one sounds.

One of the secrets to CAFE Flutes' success is their ability to tailor their programs to suit their audiences. Whether they're performing for seniors in a community setting, patrons in a library, or music enthusiasts at a special event, CAFE Flutes can customize their concert to fit the occasion. Themed programs include a selection of Patriotic, St. Patrick’s Day, Summer, Show Tunes, Singalong, and Holiday melodies.

CAFE Flutes believes in engaging, educating, and entertaining their listeners. Their concerts are not passive experiences; they are interactive and lively. Audience members are encouraged to participate, ask questions, and even join in the music-making. It's an approach that creates a deep connection between the performers and their audience.

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CAFE's focus is crystal clear: to deliver superb performances of music from the flute choir repertoire, tailor their programs to their audience, and engage, educate, and entertain their listeners. Their most popular program, "CAFE Blend," seamlessly weave

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Coyote Canyon Library
Peter Grant, Downtown Library Supervisor, Buckeye 623-349-6306
“CAFE Flutes provided an amazing, engaging, and educational performance for all ages!”

Litchfield Park Library
Caroline Raso, Library Paraprofessional
“We had a large crowd of attendees that day for our small venue. CAFE Flutes provided an exciting and engaging performance. I recommend CAFE Flutes to any library that is looking for a musical performance that is not only a joy to listen to, but a learning experience.”

Scottsdale Public Library- Mustang Library Branch
Melissa Smith, Lead Librarian II
“We enjoyed having you last summer, our patrons were happy with the event.”

Fountain Hills Library 11/18/2023
Saguaro Library7/8/2023
Glendale Main Library – 5/28/15 and 6/27/19
Burton Barr Library 6/15/19
Northwest Regional Library 6/9/19
Sun City and Fairway Public Libraries – 11/5/15 and 3/7/19
White Tank Library 5/25/18

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We love what we do! Contact us to discuss multiple shows and set-up needs.


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