Food Art Frenzy


Using my children's book The Razzleberry Wackadoodle Garden, I teach kids to view fruits and vegetables through the eyes of an artist. The pictures I share demonstrate how I transformed fruits and vegetables into food art. I discuss recipes, healthy eating, and how lucky we are to have plant-based ingredients. I tell stories about each food art piece and how they came about.

My book is all about plant-based food art that I created over four years of family dinners. I host a PowerPoint presentation as well showing the different food art I created with plant-based ingredients. I talk about how kale chips are a super food and how if you know how to prepare them properly they are better than potato chips! The children get so excited and have many questions.

I talk about how I got into being a food artist, a painter and muralist. I show the children my paintings and sculptures and talk about how to make your own book. We have a small drawing lesson to explain how I make food art and how it is very similar to drawing a picture. I draw the picture with them (They all get to draw on index cards to follow along) And the picture is upside down but when they turn it over they are surprised to find a cute little animal. The children go home looking at fruits and vegetables with a new perspective and an excitement to create their own piece of art. I am a professional artist, a plant-based food artist and author. 

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Sandra Marshall

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16414 S. 15th Drive



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Food Artist/Guest Author Showcase!

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All ages. The book is mostly for younger children in elementary school, but the adults and teenagers also enjoy talking about how food art is created as well as doing the art lesson..

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Experienced with small and large groups.

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  • Maricopa

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I have done work with four schools for the Kyrene school district in their libraries and I have worked with Avondale school district. I am a Nepris volunteer as well and have held mini programs online.

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I do my presentations on zoom and I talk about artful healthy eating and show my children’s book. We do an online drawing lesson and talk about how I create food art using the same techniques as drawing. Making sure to break it down into smaller simple shapes.

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Paper and pencil for the drawing lesson.

Special Notes

I have my degree in early childhood education. I have been an artist my entire life and taught for the Kyrene school district taking over a teachers position to help out for the rest of the year. I’ve been creating art ever since and opened an art studio for all ages from 2015 to 2019 called Be…An Artist Studio.
I have a tiny mobile art studio that goes to the Tempe festival of the arts two times a year for the kids section, teaching children how to paint step-by-step. This is a whole different program

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