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The PapaHugs world is a place where imagination and music takes you anywhere you want to go! Children, their parents and grandparents will laugh and sing along to the songs of David Sharpe.

All of my music comes from observation of all the wonderful and imaginative things children say and do. Many of these songs have been influenced by my own children and grandchildren. The "Papa Hugs Characters" which are large costumed characters such as "Fitness The Frog", "Wonder The Kangaroo", "Stinky Beetle", and " Robbie The Robot" are part of the show to engage the audience to dance and sing along.

My music is enjoyed by children of all ages, however, it is geared towards children 8 years and under. I have recorded three albums with my band "The PapaHugs Band", and was nominated for a GRAMMY® AWARD for Best Children's Album of The Year. I have performed for thousands of children all across the country at Libraries, Children's Museums, and various festivals.

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David Sharpe

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34857 N. 73rd Street



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Upbeat and interactive children's music concert which includes: Original GRAMMY® Award Nominated Children's Music, Large Costumed Characters, free pass-outs for children to take home. 45 - 60 min. Show is very conducive to family programming.

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My music is enjoyed by children of all ages, however, it is geared towards children 8 years and under.

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South Mountain Community Library | Carrie Wikle | 602-305-5874

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