The Wacky Science Show


Goofy STEM Experiments: Get Up to 12 Students Onstage as Volunteers

The “Wacky Science” school assembly show is more than just a science lecture or demonstration. It’s loaded with amazing interactive fun. Good educators know that the best way to help people of all ages retain information is to have a good time! “Wacky Science” is packed with ways to get your students on stage and involved!

Here are just a few examples of the crazy experiments your students will do during the show:

  • Stinky Dinosaurs – Four students are turned into ‘dinosaurs’ to illustrate key chemistry concepts, including acids and bases.
  • The Incredible Shrinking Head – An optical illusion causes student’s to see a head to shrink!
  • Mobius Strips – A baffling experiment with strips of paper shows that math can take surprising and unexpected forms
  • Air Pressure – Using a balloon, a jar, and a volunteer, we explore the brilliance of the Scientific Method
  • The Triangle of Terror – A simple wooden triangle, a dog’s leash, a cup of water, and an unsuspecting volunteer turns into the most exciting STEM school assembly segment your students have ever seen!

There is plenty more during the program. Your kids will be riveted from start to finish. They won’t want to miss a thing!

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