Third Road Theater presents Unanana and the Enormous One-tusked Elephant


"Unanana and the Enormous One-tusked Elephant is a folk tale from the Zulu people of Eastern Africa. It is an exciting adventure, centered around family and community, in which a courageous woman, a wise and intuitive mother, saves not only her own children, but the entire village from certain destruction. For you see, a monstrous one-tusked elephant is rampaging through the villages and destroying everything in his path. The story of Unanana contains timeless themes which nourish our collective heart and mind. From this folktale we glean much needed wisdom – wisdom that reveals how to heal the hurt, ease suffering, find courage, awake the dead, and finally, emerge victorious from the very Belly of the Beast! These timely lessons are as critical now as they ever have been. The puppetry and set of Unanana are alive and full of wonder. The puppeteers soundlessly act and dance the storyteller’s words, bringing to life the characters with simple hand-carved wooden masks, as well as complex multi-faceted puppets. Shadow puppets and multi-media effects pull the audience irresistibly into Unanana’s world, though it can be a bit frightening at times. This is truly a show that captivates all ages – tiny infants and elders alike – through its use of rhythm, music, dance, colorful imagery and rich storytelling. After the show, the Third Road Theater cast offers an interactive discussion of the Archetypal themes from the story. Mythic ideas of loss, healing, nurturing, destruction, the Wounded Masculine and the Divine Feminine are explored through the lens of Archetypal Psychology and Mythology as Medicine." [embed][/embed]

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