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Anime Your Way is a comprehensive step by step drawing program developed over 10 years by former Simpson's artist Carlos Nieto III.  Anime Your Way teaches you how to create and modify an anime character from scratch, no matter what your drawing level is!

This cutting edge D.I.Y. program demystifies the anime drawing process and builds confidence in the creative decision making process.

You will gain first hand knowledge of design techniques that you can build upon after the program. One of the purposes of this program is to introduce participants to the idea that they can make a living in the creative world as a content creator via comic books, manga, graphic novels, anime and animation etc.

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Carlos Nieto III

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Fully immersive and comprehensive DIY approach to anime drawing and design.

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Recommended Ages

8 +

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Glendale Public Library | Katherine Loeser | (818)548-2035

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