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"This summer, Papa Chilly will be presenting a new show with a brand new theme. Kids and families can laugh along while they learn about and explore parts of our universe. This very old and very large universe of ours is made up of everything that exists, things we see, things can't see, but assume are there and lots of things that we can't even imagine that are out there right now waiting to be discovered. Exploring our universe takes a lot of imagination! Papa Chilly, a former school teacher and longtime family entertainer throughout Arizona, uses his unique experiences to entertain While he motivates kids to want to further explore the universe around them. A Papa Chilly show combines storytelling with science, math, magic and family-friendly comedy to bring laughs and amazement while we investigate parts of our universe, from the bottom of the oceans to outer space." [embed][/embed]

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Lyle Schilling

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I perform child centered family entertainment and educational presentations. Using storytelling, science, math, magic and comedy, Papa Chilly entertains while he motivates kids to want to learn more about the world around them. For pre and early readers

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Library References: Avondale Civic Center Library | Marisela Munoz | (623) 333-2602 Glendale Foothills Library | Kristen Fletcher-Spear | (623) 930-3840 Paradise for Tots Preschool | Jeri Thompson | (602) 996-9772

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