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With the Dino Crew Entertainment appearance, your library patrons will experience a meet and greet with a realistic Dinosaur that’s 14 ft long and 7-9 ft tall, arriving in a realistic Dinosaur cage that sets the stage for an exciting event. The Dinosaur interacts with the kids, walk around the library, participates in story times, you name it and we can customize your event.

Our big Dinos love attention and can be incorporated into any type of theme. They’ve worn cowboy hats for western days, antlers for Christmas and Bunny ears for Easter to name a few. We also bring a fossil dig for the kids to play with and brush away sand to discover hidden fossils. If you’re looking for an experience like no other, call or email us. We would love to visit you.

$350 for the first hour

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Dinosaur entertainment with realistic mechanical dinosaur suits.

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  • Sunrise Public Library | Colleen McElroy | 631-848-9049

Travel fee: first 30 miles is free within zip code 85379. Every mile after is $2.50.

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Meg Miller

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