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Radical Reptile Fun provides both in-person and virtual shows. We present some of the most exotic reptiles including Anacondas, Pythons, Boas, Monitor Lizards, Geckos, and Tortoises. During in person shows we allow audience members to touch and interact with the animals. During the virtual shows we allow the animals to get up close to the camera and we even feed one of the animals! In person or virtual all members receive a virtual activity book that they can either print out or do online.

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Michael McAllister

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963 E Gold Dust Way
San Tan Valley




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We present live exotic reptiles and also allow one of them to eat on camera. You will have a host that will present the reptiles in a safe and fun way. The host will spotlight the kids during fun activities. Facts will be presented that everyone can use l

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Willing to perform in the following counties:

  • Maricopa
  • Pima
  • Pinal

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Willing to work with schools?


Library References

Apache Junction Library Stephanie Greene
Maricopa County Libraries Joelen Bradley
Maricopa Library
Gilbert Public Library
Mesa Public Library
I dont have all the list of names of school but currently we have done virtually schools in Pennsylvania, California, Nevada, Florida, Minnesota, Nebraska. We havent been asking for the school names though.
In Arizona
Gilbert Public Schools
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Virtual Performance Description

Radical Reptile Fun is doing virtual shows! We have two options available. A 30 minute option which features 5 reptile ($75) or our a 1 hour option which features 8+ reptiles ($100). The show also features an animal feeding of the libraries choice (Snake, Lizard, or Tortoise). All participants also receive a digital activity book that they can either print or use digitally. We can provide a zoom link or you can provide your own. If you use our zoom link we can only allow 98 devices to log in. During the zoom presentation we make sure the reptiles get up close to the camera. We also allow audience members to ask questions and complete silly task. We will even “spotlight” many of the participants during this time!

Viewing Limits/Parameters

Zoom Style Meeting 98 participants. However If the library has their own zoom link to allow more participants we can always use that.

Virtual Performance Fee

Contact performer

Virtual Performance Technical Needs

We will need the library to send out the zoom link we provide to them to all the participating members.

Special Notes

Each Library gets to pick a what animal they want fed on camera. Snake (dead mouse), Lizard (cockroaches) Tortoise (Lettuce) The tortoise is usually the tamest viewing wise.

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