John Fitzsimmons – “EPIC Magic Show!”

Catch him if you can. John Fitzsimmons brings his magic from National TV to Your Library! The “EPIC Magic Show” delivers unmatched excitement, humor, and engagement for your summer programs. Unique magic acts that will leave your audience spellbound!

Superhero Reading show

Magic holds a strong allure for kids and is certain to draw a larger audience to your library. Allow me to introduce “The Superhero Reading Show,”an adaptation of my highly sought-after school assembly program, specifically tailored for libraries

The Wacky Science Show

Goofy STEM Experiments: Get Up to 12 Students Onstage as Volunteers The “Wacky Science” school assembly show is more than…

Juggling Adventures Workshop

Learn to Juggle and enjoy a fun performance from an entertainer with 40 years experience. Enjoy great tricks with fascinating juggling history and then give it a try yourself!

Juggling Adventures

World class juggling meets personable humor for an unforgettable show of big stunts and fun interaction all ages will enjoy. Go on a world wide adventure, discovering the origins of juggling, yo-yo, hula hoops, clubs, and more through amazing tricks!

CAFE Flutes in Concert

Experience the magic of the Central Arizona Flute Ensemble as they take you on a musical journey like no other. With a wide range of instruments, captivating tunes, and engaging audience interactions, CAFE concerts are a must-attend for all!

Comedy Ventriloquist Chuck Field & Friends

Chuck Field puts on a hilariously funny interactive Comedy Ventriloquist Show for all ages for over 30 years.
A favorite of Libraries all over the country especially for Summer Reading Series.

The Fly Guy AZ

Gary “The Fly Guy” Alpert is a retired school teacher with 32 years of experience under his belt. Gary conducts fun, hands-on, educational workshops for kids in Arizona. Whether building six foot high hot air balloons, or launching catapult gliders through the air, kids learn about aerodynamics, physics and history while their imaginations take flight.

Arizona Foam Fun

Foam party entertainment is a one-of-a-kind experience! With our professional foam machine, your driveway, yard, or party area is covered in several feet of bright, fluffy foam. But that’s only part of the fun. We play high-energy music also!

Duo Ocotillo

Go on an entrancing musical journey through time and place with Duo Ocotillo as your tour guide. The married couple uniquely combine cello with mandolin or classical guitar to create sounds and music you won’t hear from anyone else.

Taiko Drumming and the Musical Instruments of Asia

“Taiko Drumming and Instruments of Asia” is an interactive, participatory show that encourages deductive reasoning and creative thinking. Introduction to unusual instruments fosters curiosity and questions that lead to answers and music!